Seven of our workshop team members formed their own basketball team “Alltype Airballers” and joined the local men’s basketball competition at the Cockburn Arc this Summer season.

The team won the Men’s Summer Season 2021 against the Sonics Team last night by 10 points.

“We play with the same attitude and determination throughout the whole season which led us in making to our first Grand Final,” said Ryan Oliver, Alltype Engineering’s Workshop Supervisor.

“Promoting good health, sportsmanship and having all our families come together with each other, it was a way to connect and we love to play basketball.”

"At Alltype Engineering, teamwork is vital for success. We are a great team both at and outside of work”, Ryan said.

Congratulations to the Alltype Airballers Team for their hard work and determination this season.

Big shout out to all who would like to join us in the next season.

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