Enhancing Efficiency Through Innovative Technology

Alltype Engineering was an early adopter of robotic and CNC automated processing equipment for plate, pipe and structural steel - optimising value, lowering costs, improving delivery schedules and reliability.


Alltype Engineering recognised the opportunity for incorporation of automated processing in the 1990’s, but the technology only became commercially viable for operation in the last 15 years. Modern design and drafting software integrates seamlessly into our equipment control software, allowing nesting and precision processing of raw plate, piping and structural steel members.

Our HGG pipe profiling machine can mitre cut, bevel, scallop and slot pipes and cylinders from 80NB up to 2000NB in diameter.

The Kinetic bed is 25m x 3.2m in size, incorporating plasma and oxy cutting heads, suitable for carbon, stainless, duplex steel and aluminium processing, incorporating bevelling, drilling, machining and tapping operations, preparing tank and vessel strakes, through to baseplates and cleats for structures.

The PythonX coping robot can mark, cut and process structural steel components into lengths, angles and end preparations, marking connection points for boilermakers and welders as well as completing the preparation of the complete structural steel member, quickly and accurately.

Rounding out our capabilities are the Daito beamline with pre and post processing stockyard and inventory, integrated drill station and band saw, perfect for large and multiple steel member processing and preparation.

Processed plate components are often finished and dressed through our Ernst deburring machine, breaking sharp edges and removing cutting swarf, key for surface treatment finishing, galvanising and also to minimise handling HSE risk.

Alltype Engineering undertakes steel, plate and pipe processing primarily for our fabrication requirements but also complete material processing and supply for clients, end users, steel suppliers and other fabricators.

Our pipe, plate and steel processing capacity covers:

  • Pipe 80NB to 2000NB with a wall thickness of up to 100mm
  • Cylinders up to 2m diameter with a wall thickness of up to 100mm
  • Plate up to 250mm thick - carbon, stainless, Duplex steel as well as aluminium
  • Structural Steel members up to 900UB deep in section.

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