Power Stations Support Services Is Our Foundation

Power generation may have evolved with technology in the last 35 years, but coal fired and gas fired power stations, centralised or distributed, still provide the base load power supply for our country.

Electricity - A Key Service for Modern Society

Alltype Engineering was founded with site established facilities at both the Kwinana multifueled (coal / oil / gas) power station and Muja coal fired power station to undertake project works and ongoing maintenance on these major critical infrastructure assets.

Over time, experience in power generation led to numerous other power station and generation works involvement, including the Collie Power Station, Pinjar Power Station, Exmouth Power Station down to smaller facilities such as the Stag Platform power generation units.

Scope of works completed are wide and varied and have included works with exotic materials such as Chrome Moly high pressure steam piping and high temperature stainless steel alloys and also insulation and cladding works.

Examples of works completed include:

  • Superheater vessel installation and tie ins
  • Ash hopper fabrication and repair works
  • Chemical storage facility fabrication, installation, debottlenecking and integration
  • Liquid and gaseous fuel storage and distribution systems
  • Process piping for fuel and utilities such as air, coolant, oil
  • Process piping for high pressure steam
  • Process piping for fly ash and waste stream disposal
  • SMP maintenance works – preventative and reactive
  • Insulation and cladding works
  • Tanks, tank roofs and fly ash handling silos
  • Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) fabrication and installaion
  • Air pollution control equipment components
  • Plate and structural steel fabrication

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