Supporting the Nation's Defence Forces - Land, Sea and Air

Alltype Engineering has been supporting our armed forces for decades, assisting with maintaining reliability and operational readiness.  

Supporting the Royal Australian Navy, Airforce and Army

The Nation's Defence forces have consistently engaged Alltype Engineering to provide our products and services in support of the Airforce, Navy and Army. These works have been undertaken both directly for the Commonwealth of Australia as well as through specialist civilian and military contractors and manufacturers.

Base infrastructure works inclusive of piping, steel and mechanical equipment installation to support fuelling, utilities, maintenance and operations have been the predominant area of support but combat and support vessel works have also been undertaken and supported over the lifecycle of these defence assets.

Fabrication and installation works have been executed at secure military sites such as HMAS Stirling and Curtin Air Base in the remote north west of Western Australia, with our personnel complying with stringent security screening and procedures.

Historically, naval vessel maintenance and minor projects were also undertaken by Alltype Engineering on destroyer, patrol and open sea fuel support vessels.

Naval vessels such as the HMAS Westralia, HMAS Swan and HMAS Torrens have all sailed with Alltype Engineering service support at some time.

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