Alltype Engineering is pleased to announce the milestone achievement of Practical Completion of the Waitsia Inlet Meter Station on 4th of May 2020.

The scope of works for this project included bulk earthworks, civil and concrete works, offsite skid fabrication & SMPEI assembly works (including FAT testing). Installation of the pre-fabricated skids onsite with corresponding SMP installation and E&I site construction works completed the station connection to the DBP.

The Practical Completion marks the final milestone of the construction and commissioning stages of the Project, and is the culmination of a successful cooperation between Alltype Engineering and Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG).

The Waitsia Inlet Meter Station Project was delivered safely, on time and budget. This achievement is a credit to all the people from Alltype Engineering and our subcontractor partners who had been involved in the project, during a global pandemic crisis to deliver the project in an tight schedule with over 5,000 onsite man hours with zero first aid or loss time injuries.

We wish to thank AGIG for their professionalism and efforts to finalise the Project, and we look forward to continuing our gas industry participation.

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