Pluto Compressor Station SMP, E&I Fabrication and Construction Works

Scope Of Works

Alltype Engineering was contracted by AGIG to carry out the SMP and E&I fabrication, construction, assembly and installation and pre-commissioning of the Pluto Compressor Station. The project which was undertaken in a tight envelope brownfields and greenfields site include a 25 mmscfd Waukesha gas engine driven Ariel reciprocating compressor package (including an engine driven aftercooler) along with balance of plant equipment including inlet and outlet filter vessels, control room and MCC, site storage infrastructure, gas chromatograph and diesel power generators.

The upgrade of the existing Pluto Meter Station now provides two modes of operation:

  • Free flow from the DBNGP to Pluto Pipeline for Pluto LNG black start and
  • Compression mode where gas from the Pluto Pipeline can be compressed and flowed into the DBNGP.

Project Description


Dampier Bunbury Pipeline (DBP), part of Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG)


Karratha, Western Australia



Scope of works:

SMP and E&I Fabrication and Construction Works

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