Nickel Sulphates Project

Scope of Works

Alltype Engineering was contracted to supply engineering, detailed design and fabrication of 11 Stainless and Carbon Steel tanks, bins and silos for the Nickel Sulphate Project by BHP Nickel West Pty Ltd (NiW).

The Nickel Sulphate Project involves the development of a plant that will convert nickel metal powder into a nominal 100,000 dry tpa of high purity nickel sulphate-hexahydrate crystal product. Fabrication included piping, structural and miscellaneous items. Tanks ranged up to 7m diameter and 10m in height.Logistical planning, lifting arrangements and mitigating working in confined spaces and at heights were key issues managed during the execution phase to work safely whilst delivering on time.

These tanks were completed and delivered to Kwinana in Q2, 2019.

Project Description


BHP Nickel West Pty Ltd (NiW)


Kwinana, Western Australia



Scope of works:

Stainless and Carbon Steel Tanks Package

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