On Time To Specification

Project Experience


Elizabeth Quay
Client: Leighton Broad (CPB)
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Year: 2015/2016


Scope of work

Fabrication and installation of steelwork. Alltype Engineering were awarded the contract to supply, weld and install Mild Steel Cement Lined (MSCL) pipe and various fittings around the Elizabeth Quay Inlet.



Gateway WA
Client: Gateway
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Year: 2015


Scope of work

Fabrication and installation of gantry structures. Alltype Engineering’s work included the installation and welding out of gantry frame assemblies. Gantries (30m in length) were shop assembled into gantry, signage frames and delivered using vehicle escorts, complete with two trestle legs for each gantry unit.



BHP Billiton Eastern Ridge Orebody 25 CV05
Client: Downer Infrastructure
Location: Newman, Western Australia
Year: 2014


Scope of work

Alltype Engineering was contracted to replace conveyer CV05 at BHP Billiton Ore’s operation at Eastern Ridge Orebody 25. The Scope of Work included the supply, fabrication and pre-assembly of mechanical and structural steel. This included 2 Conveyer Trusses, Access platforms & Stairways, Trestles, Gravity Take up units and 4 Chutes (complete with hard-wear Ceramics installed).

Alltype Engineering ensured timely delivery of all items with essential installations completed at our facility in Naval Base.



Chevron-operated Gorgon Project
Client: CB&I Kentz Joint Venture (CKJV)
Location: Henderson, Western Australia
Year: 2013


Scope of work
Supply and fabrication of up to 2000 tonnes of temporary steel to allow for the lifting and transport of Pre-assembled structures and Pre-dressed vessels for the Gorgon Project. The Gorgon Project is operated by an Australian subsidiary of Chevron and is a joint venture of the Australian subsidiaries of Chevron (47.3 percent), ExxonMobil (25 percent), Shell (25 percent), Osaka Gas (1.25 percent), Tokyo Gas (1 percent) and Chubu Electric Power (0.417 percent).



Rio Tinto Coastal Water Project
Client: Monadelphous
Location: Pannawonica, Western Australia
Year: 2012-2013


Scope of work
Alltype Engineering was contracted to supply, fabricate and install Mild Steel Cement Lined(MSCL) pipe to the Transfer Main Pump Station and the Millstream Tie-In including the Millstream Summit tanks risers and associated pipework. The other aspect of the project involved the supply of welding services on the new Borefields Collector Main, Transfer Pump Station and Transfer Main for the supply of water to Karratha.



Perth Arena: Entry Canopy
Client: Vector Lifting
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Year: 2012
IMGP4231 SDC16651 IMGP4229


Scope of work

In 2011, Alltype Engineering was engaged to fabricate and surface treat the entry canopy structural steelwork and the decorative architectural pipework for the Perth Arena Project. This was a high profile project due to the nature of the structure, being exposed as well as being in the eye of the public.

This project involved processing, fabrication and surface treatment of the canopy steelwork. The intricacy of the structure required superior levels of quality management to ensure fit up was accurate during assembly.

Alltype Engineering utilised in house CNC profile cutting technology to guarantee the highest level of accuracy was achieved when processing and fabricating. It was also imperative that a long lasting superior paint system was applied to suit the nature of the structure.



Tropicana Gold Project
Client: Lime Systems Bulk Storage Solutions
Location: 330km NE of Kalgoorlie


Scope of work
Fabrication, trial assembly and transport including manufacture of handrails, ladders & landings and grating.



Southern Seawater Desalination Plant (stage 1 & 2)
Client: Southern Seawater Alliance
Location: Binningup, Western Australia
Year: 2009-2010; 2011-2012


Scope of work
Alltype Engineering was approached by the Southern Seawater Alliance to supply, manufacture and provide surface treatment of the Reverse Osmosis Racks and Pipe Spooling for the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant, this included:


  • 8 only first pass Reverse Osmosis units, consisting of 16 pressure vessel racks, Energy Recovery Devices and associated pipe spooling
  • 4 only second pass Reverse Osmosis units, consisting of 4 pressure vessel racks and associated pipe spooling.
  • Predictive Analysis Plant pipe spooling
  • Ballistic Shield Screens
  • Pipe supports



Karara Water Supply main and Mingenew Pump Station
Client: DM Civil/ Karara Iron Ore
Location: Near Morawa, Western Australia
Year: 2011


Scope of work
Alltype Engineering provided all the welding services for the approximate 5.6km of welded DN559 MSCL Sintakote Pipe which formed part of 136km long DN500 DICL water supply main from the borefield south east of Mingenew to the Karara Mine Site approx. 75km east of Morawa. Alltype Engineering also completed fabricated items such as air valve connections and fabricated bends. The pipeline contract also included a pvc borefield transfer main and a pumping station. Alltype Engineering was heavily involved in the supply and installation of the Pump station mechanicals, including alignment of pumps, installation of all valves, mag flow meters, DICL pipe and MSCL pipe installation.



Sabodala Gold Expansion Project
Client: Lycopodium
Location: Senegal, Africa
Year: 2011


Scope of work
Alltype Engineering designed, procured, fabricated, surface treated, packaged and loaded onto transport all the rubber lined pipe spooling for the Sabodala Gold Project. Piping items included pipe spools, gaskets and fasteners.



Ravenswood Pump Station
Client: Georgiou Group PTY LTD/ Water Corporation
Location: Ravenswood, Western Australia
Year: 2010


Scope of work
Alltype Engineering provided Pipe Spooling fabrication and Mild Steel Cement Lined (MSCL) fabrication coupled with Structural, Mechanical and Pipework Installation. The scope of work also included the installation of valves, mag flow meters and vessels both above and below ground.