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Chute Fabrication

Mild Steel Cement Lined Fabrication



Alltype Engineering provides high quality, as specified, shop fabricated items to the Water, Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Resources, Power, Utility, Petrochemical and Defence industries.


Our purpose built fabrication workshop is strategically located at Naval Base with an oversize corridor and unrestricted access to port infrastructure. Our facility is set up for the efficient fabrication of piping systems, structural and modular steel and plate work products such as tanks and vessels.


Through segregated and isolated bays, all grades of steel and alloy steels such as Duplex, Super Duplex, Stainless, Inconel and Chrome Molybdenum materials can be fabricated, welded, tested and treated without contamination risk.


Over 6,000menclosed workshop has eight overhead gantry cranes, all with a minimum of 9m under hook and max dual lift of 40 tonne and there is also approximately  10,000m2 of effective hardstand lay down and storage area, ideal for module and skid assembly and testing works.


Alltype Engineering has established itself as a recognised industry leader of fabrication and site installation of Mild Steel Cement Lined (MSCL) pipework and fittings in Western Australia.


As the Western Australian Agent for Steel Mains, we are licensed to apply SINTAKOTE® to MSCL pipe fittings. SINTAKOTE® is a fusion bonded polyethylene coating system applied directly to steel pipes, resistant to all compounds and solutions commonly encountered in water industry applications.


Our key capabilities are in:

– Pipe Spooling and Fabrication (including AS4140, AS2885, ASME B31.1) including:

  • Mild Steel Cement Lined (MSCL)
  • Stainless Steel – All grades
  • Chrome Molybdenum
  • Inconel
  • Duplex and Super-Duplex Stainless Steels
  • Pig Launchers / Receivers
  • Pipeline Facility Components (risers / MLV’s etc)


– Plate Manufactured Items

  • Tanks (including API650 , AS1692)
  • Structural Steel (including AWS D1.1, AS3990, AS4100, AMSE)
  • Pressure Vessels (including ASMEVIII, AS1210)
  • Silos, Chutes, Hoppers & Tanks (including API620)


–  Structural Steel Fabricated Items

– Subsea Structures

Pump Skids, Frames and Bases

  • Lifting Frames and Appurtenances
  • Architectural and Complex Steel Structures
  • Bridge and Gantry Steelwork
  • Racks, Platforms, Access Stairs and Ladders
  • General Metalwork and Heavy Steel fabrication

– Integrated Fabricated Solutions

Water Treatment and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Skids and Modules

  • Gas Pressure Reduction and Metering Skids
  • Valve Switching Skids
  • Fuel Gas Treatment Skids
  • Modular Process Packages
  • Modularised Products