On Time To Specification

Alltype Engineering WA Agent for Steel Mains

We are proud to announce that Alltype Engineering Pty. Ltd. are now the West Australian Agent for Steel Mains Pty. Ltd.

What this means for our customers:

  • We are now licensed to apply SINTAKOTE® to Mild Steel Cement Lined pipe fittings.
  • As an Agent, we can now offer pipe and fittings at competitive prices.


SINTAKOTE® is a fusion bonded polyethylene coating system applied directly to steel pipes internal or externally.


Over 40 years of proven operating experience above and below ground. From a wide variety of aggressive soil conditions to exposure to direct sunlight, the excellent chemical resistance of SINTAKOTE® provides protection without any significant deterioration or requirement for ongoing coating maintenance. It is resistant to all compounds and solutions commonly encountered in water industry applications.


Steel water pipe is produced in accordance with AS 1579 from either AS/NZS 1594 Hot-rolled steel coil or AS/NZS 3678 Hot-rolled plate.
SINTAKOTE® coating and lining thicknesses conform to AS 4321.
Internal lining as per AS 1281.
Fittings are manufactured in accordance with AS 4041.


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