On Time To Specification


Alltype Engineering has been in business in Western Australia since 1985, providing pipework systems, mild steel cement lined piping & fittings, structural steel, plate fabrication, site installation and maintenance services.


Alltype Engineering is recognised as the preferred contractor for the fabrication and installation of Mild Steel Cement Lined Pipework. This has allowed the business to provide a complete service to local civil companies for the construction of water trunk and distribution mains. Through diligence, service and reputation Alltype Engineering has continued to provide clients with superior quality products supported by a team of multidisciplinary experts.


Alltype Engineering is the West Australian Agent for Steel Mains Pty. Ltd. and is licensed to apply SINTAKOTE® to Mild Steel Cement Lined Pipework. SINTAKOTE® is a fusion bonded polyethylene coating system applied directly to steel pipes internal or externally. As an Agent for Steel Mains, Alltype Engineering can offer pipe and fittings at competitive prices.


Alltype Engineering continues to grow through informed investment: not only capital investment in plant and machinery but investment in people and continues to establish long standing partnerships with a diverse range of highly skilled consultants and subcontractors.



Our Values

  • Pursue excellence in everything we do
  • Ensure that we are proud of our results and achievements
  • Be responsible and open in our working relationships
  • Empower and encourage our people to take initiative
  • Encourage our people to be responsible for what they do
  • Have fun and make work enjoyable
  • Celebrate success
  • Encourage and support responsible risk taking
  • Be intolerant of bullying or any discrimination
  • Encourage active listening at all levels, inside and outside of the organisation
  • Respect alternative views and be open to new ideas
  • Encourage and provide an environment to stimulate new innovative ideas and processes
  • Recognise that communication and feedback is essential to the wellbeing and development of the company