On Time To Specification

Gateway to Resources Projects

For over 30 years, Alltype Engineering has provided fabrication, site installation and maintenance services to the Water, Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Resources, Power, Utility, Petrochemical and Defence industries.


Our key strength is that we are uniquely placed to undertake a comprehensive range of multifaceted, multidiscipline fabrication and complex welding projects, offering our clients’ both cost and time efficiencies and best overall project value.


Our services extend beyond our fabrication capabilities, into site Structural / Mechanical / Piping  (SMP) and multidiscipline project delivery services and partnerships.


Combined with established relationships with engineering and design consultancies, small and large civil and contracting companies and a proven and robust supply chain network, Alltype Engineering provides flexibility, innovation and the ability to deliver a wide range of projects to varying industries, customers, specifications and price points.